If You Only Taught These Things:
Create a stress-free learning experience without feeling like you're falling behind

  • Know the most crucial literacy, math, and socio-emotional goals to achieve and when to teach them

  • Gain back time, connection, and confidence

  • Rid yourself of time pressure and power struggles

  • Follow along with your children's most important developmental & learning milestones

  • Confidently prioritize your child's learning goals

  • Use the art of play to support learning that sticks

  • Know what you DON'T need to focus on yet at each stage

"This free learning fundamentals guide will give you everything you need to know about what reading, writing, math, and socio-emotional skills really matter with big picture snapshots from ages 3 all the way to 10. Understanding these fundamentals is the first step towards resting assured that your children's learning and future are in the best of hands. Supporting home learning doesn't have to be as complicated as you think and this free guide will show you exactly what needs to be done."


- Sivanne Lieber, Founder of TheJoyousParent.com 

Download my learning fundamentals guide that will help you sift through the overwhelm so you can focus on what learning goals really matter

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About The Joyous Parent

Hi! I'm Sivanne, a self-proclaimed joyous parent. By joyous parenting, I don't mean easy or even always fun, but I do mean wholehearted, connected, confident, and calm.  Every messy, honest day. As a progressive educator, I have worked with hundreds of children not just learn their a,b,c's but to use their beautiful, creative minds to shift the world. Now, after almost two decades of experience in a myriad of school settings with families from all walks of life, I am using ,my passion & knowledge to shift parenthood so we may raise a new, empowered generation of creative, resilient changemakers - through the art of play.

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